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Structural peer reviews are independent evaluations of project designs that are performed by professionals and are more reliable when performed by peers with the same professional background and expertise.


The purpose of structural peer reviews is to remove defects as early as possible in the design development. By removing defects at their origin, technical peer reviews prevent defects from propagating through multiple phases and work products, and reduce the overall amount of rework necessary on projects.

Engineering peer reviews may be performed for code compliance, quality assurance, risk management or constructability. Our engineers review projects to determine the applicability of the structural system and evaluate the design to ensure code requirements and specified client criteria are met.


Our peer review group consists of seasoned engineers, exceptionally knowledgeable in seismic and wind design for buildings and other structures. We take the approach that peer reviews are learning opportunities, usually for both the designer and the reviewing engineer. We take a collaborative approach and constructively communicate any concerns, questions or discrepancies to the design engineer.