Malad, Mumbai

  • Client:Omkar Realtors Pvt Ltd
  • Architect:Callson, USA & Archgroup Consultants
  • Type of development:Roof feature
  • Steel tonnage:350 Tons
  • Reci Services:Structural Design Services

The most noticeable feature of Omkar Alta Monte project is the Trellis which spans over the four highrise towers stretching over 200m in length and up to 30m above the roof.  This is exclusively an elevation feature comprising artificial green wall made of perforated sheet metal to give the appearance of climbing (rather suspended) plants.  The perforation allows the wind to escape through reducing the wind pressure on the Trellis substantially.

Trellis is made of lattice truss of open steel sections and cladded with composite aluminium panels.  Vertical bracings have been avoided due to architectural constraints.  Moment resisting frame and horizontal bracings have been used in combination by bracketing of stiffness properties for resisting high wind loads.